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Portfolio Check-Up Considerations for 2020

Portfolio check-up considerations for 2020 The fastest stock market decline in history, city wide lock-downs, social distancing, record U.S. unemployment, massive economic stimulus, widespread civil protests — the year is only half over and already it’s one for the records. Whether you believe the worst is past or you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, even the most diligent may be wondering what’s going to happen next, and what, if anything to do about it. We recommend considering these portfolio check-ups given the current environment.

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February Market Insight

Global stocks fell sharply this week following confirmation that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread beyond China to Europe and South Korea, raising questions about the potential impact on global economic growth and business supply chains dependent on China. Investors are fearful that the spreading virus could sap both business and consumer demand and tip the economy over into a recession.

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Is a recession on the horizon?

Since the end of July, the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates for the first time in a decade, the U.S.- China trade dispute has intensified, and market volatility has reemerged. With that as a back drop many are asking, “is a recession on the horizon?”